• What if I can't afford professional photos?
    • Keep in mind: the more professional your photos are the more job offers you will likely receive. If you can afford it, get professional photos taken (if you don't have some already).


      Get someone you know is good at photography (a friend or a parent) to take some photos of you. Emulate simple, professional ones from magazines - take a variety of them in different clothes with different makeup and hair (some very natural, some more done-up). Make sure your face is straight-on to the camera and is not tilted or obstructed by hair, glasses, a hat, etc.

      We also offer the option for clients to have their photos taken by our professional photographers for a reasonable fee.

  • Do I need experience?
    • Not necessarily. Many people from many different backgrounds have been successful in the performing arts industry. Models and actors with little or no experience are chosen for large parts in movies, TV commercials, TV shows and more -- every day! You will have the chance to be seen by scouts looking for someone exactly like you.

  • What type of response are the models and actors getting?
    • The models, actors and other talents on Talent Bid have always gotten, and continue to get tremendous response from legitimate casting and modeling agents. Many of our models have been signed with top agencies around the world within days of upgrading their profile status. Talent Bid is visited and emailed regularly by top modeling agencies and casting scouts. Most of the models and actors get weekly modeling jobs, parts in movies and free photoshoots regularly as a result of being listed on Talentbid.com


      Read and view our Success Stories.

  • How do I upload my photo(s)?
    • After signed up for an account, you would go to your profile and click on “Change Profile Picture” and then hit the Browse button on top of the window and choose any picture. After that, you could scale and crop your picture the way to desire and press Done.

      To upload other pictures, underneath the profile picture, there’s an “Edit Media” option to click on Edit and then “Drop Files to upload” to open a browser for you to choose the picture that would automatically upload.

  • How much does it cost?
    • Basic accounts are completely FREE, but the only way to apply for jobs to pay a subscription.

      Subscription costs as follows (All currency in Canadian dollars):

      Personal: $4.99/mo. for 12 months period.

      Professional: $9.99/mo. for 6 months period.

      Business: $6.99/mo. for 6 months period.

      To get started press here: FREE Signup – Subscribe.

  • Where is the best place to start my career in acting?
    • The  best place to start is by signing up for a portfolio. Our portfolios give you worldwide exposure and are browsed regularly by casting agents, producers, directors all over the world.

      When creating your account you'll be given the option of 3 levels of membership. 1 month, 6 month and 12 month subscription. The more established your account is, the more photos and details you'll be  post, will increases the chances that a casting agent will want to contact you. GET STARTED HERE


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