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If you are an up and coming fighter, make sure you make a profile on www.talentbid.com. Put as much info and videos as you can, get your name in front of the matchmakers now and they will do the rest.


I was selected to participate in  DWTNCS by making a profile in Talent Bid..great way to be seen and promoted


I created a Talent Bid profile and I was called for the Contender Series, amazing experience!!


Having access to UFC Fight pass is the only way to study your opponents and watch thousands of fights - I signed to Fight Pass before going into the Contender Series and it was the best decision ever” - Dennis Bryant, UFC Contender Series contestant, Alaska US

Dennis Bryant

For all the aspiring UFC fighters - the best advice I can give is to stay consistant. Consistency is what kills. Make sure you go to as many different gyms as possible as well - training with the same guys over and over again gets kind of stale, it’s fun going to new gyms - there are lots of good coaches in the city, there are lots of training partners in the city, just make sure you are training with all of them - also one great resource is UFC fight pass where you can watch and study other fighters….” Cole Smith - UFC Bantamweight Fighter 7-0, Squamish BC

Cole Smith


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