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Our philosophy

We believe in solutions to brand needs rather than specific type of projects and we deliver experiences rather than consumer campaigns. We have a proven reputation of a solid partner. Currently we have 500 fully trained promoters and brand ambassadors and growing.

  • Specific HR recruitment and training supervision
  • Field and logistics
  • Digital resources
  • Project management
  • Reporting and evaluation
  • Full integration services

Client: Wolf Appliances Wolf Appliances - Campaign in the Bay

Services: creative concept, implementation, logistics, production

Challenge: First time in Vancouver - advertising Campaigns for Wolf Blender, Oven, Coffee maker

Solution: We trained and hired 50 promoters with a passion for health and fitness to demonstrate how to use the products focusing on the health benefits.

Result: The sales increased rapidly and the client wants to keep the campaign going in 2019 as well.

Client: UFC Gym Franchise UFC Gym - Online Campaign

Services: creative concept, implementation, logistics, production

Challenge: An ongoing partnership where UFC Gym is advertising in our platform in order to attract new clients in the 3 new locations they recently opened in Vancouver.They are offering membership discount for our Talent Bid clients.

Solution: We contact our database clients and explain the necessity of developing mix martial arts skills for movie set. Our official partnership with the UFC is a really good starting point.

Result: The UFC Gym memberships signups are growing in all 3 Vancouver locations.

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